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New Federal Legislation That Could Impact Nonprofits: What You Need to Know

The Tennessee legislature may have ended in April, but our elected officials in Washington D.C. are still hard at work working through several pieces of legislation that may impact your work as a nonprofit organization operating within the United States.  

The House Ways and Means Committee recently advanced five bills that could significantly impact how you operate, particularly regarding fundraising and donor information. 

What’s on the table? 

  • Taxpayer Data Protection Act (H.R. 8292): This bill enjoys bipartisan support and seems focused on protecting donor information. While the specifics are unclear, it could potentially impact how you store and share donor data. 
  • No Foreign Election Interference Act (H.R. 8314) & Foreign Grant Reporting Act (H.R. 8290): These bills also have bipartisan backing and aim to prevent foreign interference in elections. How this translates to nonprofit operations remains to be seen, but it could involve increased scrutiny of foreign funding. 
  • American Donor Privacy and Foreign Funding Transparency Act (H.R. 8293) & End Zuckerbucks Act (H.R. 8291): These bills passed along party lines and raise concerns for many nonprofits. H.R. 8293, in particular, could require collecting donors’ national origin, placing an undue administrative burden on organizations. H.R. 8291 seems to target specific philanthropic efforts, and its broader impact is yet to be determined. 

The House Committee’s concern centers on ensuring tax-exempt organizations operate within the law. While some bills aim for transparency, others might create unnecessary hurdles for nonprofits. Here’s what you can do: 

The journey for these bills to become law is just beginning. While some provisions might benefit the sector, others could create challenges. Stay informed, be prepared to adapt, and advocate for policies that support the vital work nonprofits do. 

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