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Join thousands of nonprofits, foundations, and congregations throughout Tennessee to learn, advocate, and collaborate.

About Tennessee Nonprofit Network

We serve the nonprofit community in Tennessee by connecting nonprofits to resources, decision-making forums, and each other. All of our work enables nonprofits to better accomplish their missions. We help you with the challenges and opportunities that are unique to you and your organization so that you can respond effectively to the needs of the community.

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Explore our job board for nonprofit jobs that align with your personal mission.

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Online and in-person opportunities to learn and connect.

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Hire and engage a consultant with specialized expertise for your nonprofit.

Public policy decisions can have a significant impact on nonprofits and our communities.

Tennessee Nonprofit Network is committed to amplifying the voice of the nonprofit sector and strengthening relationships between nonprofits and the government to ensure that policy making decisions are informed by nonprofit perspectives.

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Explore our events and learning opportunities that help nonprofit professionals power organizations to achieve their missions.

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Help us create equitable, measurable, and lasting change in Tennessee.

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