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New Self-Paced Online Board Governance Trainings Offered

Tennessee Nonprofit Network, a 501(c)3 membership organization that serves as Tennessee’s nonprofit association, is partnering with Texas-based nonprofit BoardBuild to offer online board member training. This new collaboration will allow nonprofits and board member candidates from across Tennessee the ability to learn how to be a strong board member, and find nonprofits that would benefit from their professional volunteerism.

“Nonprofits are struggling right now, and the change starts with good board leadership,” said Kevin Dean, President & CEO of Tennessee Nonprofit Network. “Individuals and organizations from urban to rural areas will now have the opportunity to participate in educational training, resource sharing, and network opportunities in a self-paced, online format. Together with BoardBuild, we will demonstrate how boards benefit from the unique perspective of professional leaders that come from diverse professional and personal backgrounds.” 

Statistics show that most board members do not feel properly equipped to serve on nonprofit boards. According to Board Source, 55% of board members said their onboarding did not prepare them for board service. According to recent research in Memphis, more than 30% of nonprofit leaders reported they were leaving in the next 3-5 years because of their board of directors. 70% of nonprofit CEOs do not feel that their board members properly onboarded them.

The BoardBuild courses will offer Tennessee Nonprofit Network’s 1600+ nonprofit member organizations two online, self-paced courses:

1. The Essentials of Nonprofit Board Governance

Serving on a nonprofit board allows you to use your passions, skills, and expertise to strengthen and shape your community!  This online, self-paced training includes 7 lessons covering 22 topics that teach you the essential logistics and operations of serving on a nonprofit board.

2. Governance with Equity: DEI for Nonprofit Boards

We believe nonprofit board leaders must have the understanding, skills, and passion to effectively address DEI issues and fully embrace DEI opportunities. This online, self-paced training is designed specifically for nonprofit boards and includes 6 modules covering 22 topics. You will receive practical guidance, assessment tools, and valuable resources geared towards organizational leadership and transformation.

Once participants complete at least one of the courses, they will be able to upload their resume into a database for board position openings. Nonprofit members of Tennessee Nonprofit Network will be able to upload their board openings online, and an innovative AI technology will assist in an initial match between prospective board members and nonprofit organizations. Corporations and foundations can also purchase in bulk to provide to their employees or grantees.

“The BoardBuild course platform allows us to equip members from a variety of professional backgrounds with the knowledge and skills they need to be strong board member candidates,” said Kevin Dean. “The accessibility of this format enables us to reach across Tennessee to educate professionals who could make positive contributions as board members and match them with nonprofits who may not otherwise be introduced to them.”

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