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Hiring? Our Job Board is one of the most highly trafficked nonprofit job boards in Tennessee. Over the past decade, we’ve helped nonprofits find outstanding talent and helped prospective candidates find great nonprofit career opportunities. Members receive five free job postings per calendar year. Additional job postings are $25/each. Non-member rate is $100/post. Please email the job posting (in PDF or Word format) to kmoss@tnnonprofits.org.

Effective July 1, 2019, Tennessee Nonprofit Network no longer accepts job openings for any position paying less than the equivalent of $15 per hour or $31,200 per year. With this decision, we encourage you to thoughtfully consider your pay scale so that nonprofit employees in Tennessee can do more than make ends meet while also trying to help others in our community.

Additionally, we encourage organizations to include precise hourly wage and salary information. If deemed necessary, a range of $5,000 for salaries less than $100k, and a range of $10,000 for salaries greater than $100k, will be accepted.

We hope that these changes will not only prompt dialogue within your organizations, with your boards, staff, and executive leadership, but also initiate a paradigm shift in the nonprofit sector.

Help us create equitable, measurable, and lasting change in Tennessee.

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