Tennessee Nonprofit Network

Season 3: I Was Told There Would Be Snacks

Episode 1: Momentum’s Glow-Up featuring Tim Delaney and Abby Garrison

Episode 2: That’s Incredible! The Best Nonprofit Stories You’ll Hear This Year! featuring Erica Roberts and Christy Passmore

Episode 3: Remaining Nonpartisan During an Election Year featuring Tiffany Gourley Carter and Sumita Keller

Episode 4: Hot Dogs, Data, and Continuous Improvement featuring Brian Straessle and Chrystal Armstrong Brown

Episode 5: Be Abundant, Not a Bummer featuring Hannah Lancaster and Hal Cato

Episode 6: Why Rural Nonprofits Deserve a Seat at the Table featuring Ellen Collins and Matthew Marshall

Episode 7: How to Educate Legislators About Your Mission featuring Adam Nickas

Episode 8: Quitting With Dignity featuring Amanda McCollum and Forrest Alton

Episode 9: Epic Grant Writing Fails featuring Sara Baker and Tiffanie Grier

Episode 10: How to Kill Your Nonprofit With Bad Parental Leave Policies featuring Dr. Mary “MJ” McConner and Amy Gore

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